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Patient Care


Each practice needs is unique. See how Yosi improves your workflow

Patient Check-in on Clipboard

Get completed paperwork before patient’s arrival

Appointment confirmation calls

Stop making phone calls, use Yosi text message confirmation

No Shows

Eliminate no-shows, remove scheduling uncertainties

Faxing Referrals

Refer your patients to other practitioners through Yosi

Insurance Verification

Use Yosi’s ‘One-click’ verification for multiple patients at once

Scanning ID’s

Patients scan their cards and send it before they arrive

Transcribing forms

Seamlessly integrate patient data into your EMR

Payment collection

Increase your payment collection by upto 20%

Patient volume

Receive more patient referrals through Yosi

Do you know how much money you’re
leaving on the table?

Yosi was developed to provide financial benefits to our clients. Check how much Yosi can save your practice.


Financial Savings
per MD/Year


What Practice Managers Are Saying about Yosi

  • In today's modern world, patients expect to have the best and new forms of technology when coming into a practice. With Yosi, we are able to provide our patients with the ability to eliminate the paperwork and clipboard and give them the hi-tech feel with the Yosi ipad app.

    The great thing is they can actually check in before getting into the office. Yosi is definitely a great help with becoming a paper-less practice.

    Suzanne Tarver, Practice Manager, Manhattan Family Orthodontics

  • I like when my patients complete their check-in before their visit on Yosi.

    Nora Viola, Manhattan Internal Associates

  • It makes life easier for my front desk staff if patients are pre-checked in and we get a copy of their insurance card ahead of time with Yosi.

    Doris Concepcion, Practice Manager, NYC Retina

  • Patients love skipping the clipboard, and our front desk staff loves the streamlined and accurate registration process with Yosi.

    Betina Cruz, Practice Manager, Eye Center of NY

  • Yosi paid for itself within two weeks. It has reduced phone calls, no-shows and made our office paperless.

    Eros Connor, Chief Operating Officer, Bethany Medical Clinic

Take a sneak peek of Yosi

  • Manage your appointments/no-shows

    SMS Communication

    Reduce your phone call burden by upto 70% and increase the appointment compliance rate. No-Show rates drop by 45% with Yosi

  • Paperless check-in - Before patient’s arrival

    Paperless Check-in

    Make your office paperless. Better yet, remove registration from your waiting rooms

  • Full view of patient’s coverage details with a single click

    One-Click Insurance Verification

    Verify multiple patients’ insurance with a single click. Receive patient’s co-pay, co-insurance, deductibles etc by service type

  • Increase payment collection by upto 20%

    Payment Services

    Collect patient-side revenue through Yosi. Setup payment plans for outstanding balances and collect co-pays/o-insurance w/o any exorbitant fees.

  • Manage incoming and outgoing referrals

    Care Coordination.

    It's a win-win-win. .1. Simplify your referral workflow. 2. Your patient’s do not need to fill paperwork again. 3. Notify the specialist office so they can make appointments with patients your refer.

  • Have complete control of your practice operations

    If you don't have data, all you have is an opinion

    Use the advance Yosi Data Analytics module to learn more about your business. Make changes based on the results to be more effective.