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Sound Familiar?

You know regular checkups with your doctor keep you healthy.
But do you really need to fill out all those annoying forms for every doctor visit?

If you want an easier way, it’s time to get the Yosi app.

Get Rid Of The Clipboard With Yosi

Instead of filling out an old fashioned clipboard every time, keep your information in one place.

You can virtually fill out patient registration forms, which saves time at every doctor’s appointment.

Discover true convenience with Yosi.


Enjoy A Stress-Free Patient Check-In

Thanks to Yosi, your doctor has all of your information before your visit.

Most importantly, you can keep track of your past visits, so you stay
on top of your health.

Cut 15 minutes from your next doctor’s visit with Yosi.

Stress Free Checkin

Enjoy a Stress-Free Patient Check-In

Use Yosi to select a physician or specialist near you. You can call to make an appointment – right from the app.

Receive text reminders about your upcoming appointments.

Store your insurance card digitally simply by snapping a picture.

Kiss that medical paperwork goodbye with Yosi.


Security. Peace of Mind.

Yosi secures and protects your information with the highest available encryption standards, ensuring it is HIPAA compliant.

That means your health information is secure.

Discover a better, secure patient check-in experience with Yosi.

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What Yosi Users Are Saying

“I just love this app its convenient and we don’t have to wait for hours at the doctors office just fill up the forms online and find a doctor according to your needs online on Yosi care great app”

“Excellent design and easy to use! I would definitely use it if it is available in”

“This app is certainly going to bring down the time taken to fill forms”

“Making life easy Finally a way to skip the dreaded waiting room”

“No more waiting at the doctor office!Cool app. Who wants to fill pages and pages of the same info at every doctor office. This app is gonna save a lot of time”

“Improving the patient experience by taking the clipboard away”

Get A Sneak Peek Of Yosi

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Keep your health information in one placeDownload Yosi, for free. Create your health profile and keep track of your health in one place.
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Single click check-inComplete your check-in and send all your information including your insurance card images and consent signatures – before the appointment.
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Receive text messages from your doctorNeed appointment reminders? Have questions about your visit? Communicate directly with your doctor’s office via secure text messages
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Skip the office paperwork.With Yosi, you can breeze through the waiting room, with no paperwork.

Create A Better Doctor Office Experience.

Don’t settle for the frustrating clipboard experience.
Simplify patient registration with Yosi.

Create your profile on Yosi and discover how Yosi can transform
your next doctor’s appointment.