It All Started With a Dislocated Shoulder

Think about the last time you had to see a doctor.

Maybe you had a high fever, a broken arm or a family member in need of care. No matter what the reason, it is likely you encountered this annoyance…

Using a clipboard, paper and pen, you had to fill out a patient registration form. In many cases the same information you have provided countless times before.

For Hari Prasad, trying to fill out his patient paperwork with a dislocated shoulder at the emergency room wasn’t just annoying – it was painful. He had to find his insurance card, remember all the medications he was on, and do it all while in serious discomfort.

He knew there had to be a better way.


And That’s How The Yosi App Was Born

Yosi app was developed out of the urgent need for an improved patient experience and front office productivity. Both patients and doctors want the same thing – eliminate paperwork, improve efficiency and share information securely so they can focus on improving health outcomes.

We think it is not too much to ask for. So we created Yosi to help both patients and doctors.

Thanks to Yosi, we have put care back in healthcare for both patients and front offices.

Our Journey

Developed By Doctors, For Doctors

Based out of New York City, Yosi was developed by doctors, for doctors. Yosi can:

  • Accelerate office workflow & improve productivity
  • Eliminate scanning Insurance Cards and ID’s
  • Increase patient satisfaction
  • Reduce office no-shows
  • Improve practice visibility
  • Drive patient engagement
  • And so much more!
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The Team

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Hari Prasad


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Jonathan Feistmann, MD

Chief Medical Director

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Tal Raviv, MD, FACS

Chief Product Officer

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Sathish Gururajan

Chief Risk Officer

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Doug Ciarelli

Vice President, Client Services

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Archana Patchirajan

Technical Advisor

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Ilangovan Murugesan

Head of Product

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